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RSES Offers Technical Training Associates CD/DVD

June 11th, 2012 7:31 am

RSES is now offering a series of training CDs and DVDs developed by Jim and Peggy Johnson of Technical Training Associates. These DVDs/CDs will benefit everyone from entry-level heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration students to contractors, service technicians and engineers with years of experience.

TTA specializes in providing hands-on training including training workshops for corporations, governmental clients, trade associations and independent service contractors in the plumbing, electrical, major appliance, and HVACR fields. TTA has worked cooperatively with community colleges, high schools and private post-secondary schools throughout the nation.

Available TTA titles include: Electrical Fundamentals for HVACR Technicians; Refrigeration Fundamentals for HVACR Technicians; Uncomplicating the Heat Pump: Electrical Systems Troubleshooting;

Uncomplicating the Heat Pump: Refrigeration and Air Flow Systems; HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting: Component Testing; TXV Refrigeration Systems: Superheat and Subcooling; and Understanding Potential Relays and Start Capacitors.

The TTA CDs/DVDs are packed with resource material, illustrations, diagrams, demonstrations and quiz questions to clarify key concepts and procedures.

Stunning Spring Garden

May 9th, 2012 8:45 am

Taking control of your garden now will ensure that our gardens will remain in tip top condition throughout the summer. With this simple summer gardening advice you’ll love to spend long warm days in your garden.

Many people over water their lawn in the summer, believing that it will help it to grow but with a wet lawn and children running around you’re bound to end up with a lawn that is muddy and waterlogged. Over watering your garden will prevent your lawn from growing and will be a haven for weeds and moss to develop.

Many also make the mistake of watering the lawn in the afternoon but watering a hot ground creates the ideal environment for fungi to grow.

To thicken your grass start off by removing all weeds and moss patches but don’t worry about leaving exposed patches of soil this will soon be gone. Then sprinkle good quality compost over your lawn, following this sprinkle lawn seed, applying more to bare and thin areas. Then lightly water. Ensure to stay off the grass until the seeds have germinated and the grass has thickened.

Plant growth problems are usually caused by a pH imbalance in the soil. With a simple pH testing kit you will be able to test to see if your soil is too acidic or alkaline. The pH level of soil varies from garden to garden.

Once you know the level you can then deal with it to bring your soil to a neutral pH level. Alternatively you can plant flowers that will be suited to the pH level of your soil. Many garden centres will offer advice on this and the best solution to help your garden flower beautifully.

Growing plants from seeds can be a difficult task, first sowing and keeping indoors, then transplanting to the garden without shocking the planting its new environment. You can buy seedlings from garden centres and nurseries and then transplant them into your garden once they are strong enough.

With a little attention to lawn care and ensuring your soil is right for your plants your garden will soon be flourishing. is a proudly Canadian online furniture store. They hand pick and curate quality furniture including sectional sofas, dining room, bedroom and home office furniture.